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Carob is the fruit that comes from the carob tree (Ceratonia Siliqua), a leguminous that can be found throughout the Mediterranean mountain slopes. Spain, with 45%, is the main producer.

From this pod and depending on the variety, that can range from 6 to 25 cm long, we can find two very different products; the seed and the pulp.

The seed which is 10% of the total weight on average is made up of 3 very different elements, the cuticle or skin (30-33%), the germ (23-25%) and the endosperm (42-46%). The most important is the endosperm as it is the so-called locust bean gum or E-410, a thickener, stabiliser, emulsifier and gelling agent that is much appreciated in the food industry.

The pulp is the main part of the product regarding weight and volume and it is vastly used in animal feed. This part of the fruit will simply be called pulp in the following sections.


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